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Summary of Question:What is meant by 'Naam'
Date Posted:Sunday, 4/25/1999 7:11 AM MDT

What is meant by 'Naam'?

Sanskrit is one of the <root> (or, <mother>) languages of all Indo-European languages. For that reason, there are many <cognate> words in English (French, Spanish, German, etc.) that sound (and mean) almost the same as the original words in Sanskrit. One of those words is <Naam>. Another is the syllable <Sat>, meaning <gold> or <truth> (which we find in the English words <Satisfy> and <Satiate>, all meaning <to fulfill>). Another is <Ma> for <mother>, <Pita> for <pater> in latin for <father>. <Tu> means <you> in both Sanskrit and Spanish. Did you know that the Czech word for <science> is <Veda>?

So, you already know a lot about the Sanskrit/Punjabi/Gurmukhi word <Naam>. It means <Name>, <noun> or <identity>. A <noun> is the <name> of a person, place or thing. In Gurmukhi, we more properly refer to <Sat Nam> which is the <True Name>, <the Holy> or <Sacred Name> of the <Infinite One>, the <Supreme Being>, some people use the English words <God> or <Creator>. When you know someone and call them by their name, they respond, they answer, and you are affirming your relationship with them. It isn't any different with the Name of the Infinite One, the ultimate One who also lives and breathes within you.

Wise men and women, sages, saints, rishis and great teachers, for thousands of years have refined the human process of utilizing <Naam> in order to meditate and create unity (to <yoke> themselves, or establish <yoga>) with Infinity. When the human examines itself as a physical and mental being, it's size and power seems almost trivial, physically we are like dust in the wind of the universe. But, because the human has the extremely rare gift of articulate language, and because the wisdom of sages and ages has confirmed that a certain subset of language, called <Sacred Naam> actually can attune us to the Infinite and enable to draw a subtle (and even direct) infinite response, the human can become elevated (in humility) to a state of purity and divinity. (Without humility the action becomes polluted by ego and it doesn?t work). And that is really all (all?) that Guru Nanak through Guru Gobind Singh tried to do -- To uplift humanity from its trivial pursuits in order to identify and unify with the Infinite
(God, the Creator, the Supreme Being, Hari, Wahe Guru). The Sacred Bani know as Jaap Sahib (by Guru Gobind Singh) is a sacred song made up of more than 250 Names of God.

Our mind either sinks or elevates to the kind of language that we use. And, our bodies believe what mind says. If we neglect to feed to our minds the highest and best language available, then we sink to the ordinary, the impermanent, and we become like driftwood on the sea of life. But, if we relate to the Guruship, and elevate ourselves onto the Guru's ship, we sail over the sea of life in a first class way. We do that by following the Guru's command (<Hukam>). The first Hukam of all in Siri Guru Granth Sahib is found in the Muhl Mantra of Japji Sahib. It is one word, <Jaap>. It means <Chant the True Nam>, the <Sat Nam> of the Infinite. If you do that regularly, you are a Sikh of the Guru, and receive all the benefits imaginable. If you want to know more about what those benefits are, read Siri Guru Granth Sahib.

You can download a copy of Siri Guru Granth Sahib in English, to your own computer, and begin the most beneficial, lifelong study you will ever imagine. That is guaranteed by Guru himself. See the following website address:

Blessings on your journey,
Krishna Singh Khalsa

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