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Summary of Question:When you have to shave, what do you do?
Date Posted:Sunday, 8/27/2000 12:25 AM MDT

Hi! I wanted to say how much I've enjoy reading other peoples stroies, your website is fabulous. And I have a question regarding shaving. In America all kids in high school have P.E. And all the grils shave their legs, what should a sikh girl do when she has P.E. Should she shave her legs or stay hairy, even though our religion says never to cut or remove hair. Thank You!

Don't do it! Every hair on your body is there for a physiological reason. Beyond that, you are telling God he is stupid and designed you incorrectly if you change your body.
Those girls are not going to be with you when you breathe your last breath and judge yourself as you see your own life pass before you. Don't worry about others, you are not like others. You are very special. If anyone bugs you, you should act like you can't believe anyone could be so stupid as to shave off their precious hair! Don't trade your own values for temporary social acceptance. It will make you very unhappy spiritually.
Be a strong daughter of Guru Gobind Singh and represent him. Don't give in!

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When you have to shave, what do you do? (08/27/2000)
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