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Summary of Question:Turban- How To Deal With Ridicule?
Date Posted:Monday, 5/02/2005 4:18 PM MDT

Ok i read some of the posts on issue of turban and how to deal with people making of sikhs wearing it in everyday life in america. hey its very hard. u can't go to Taco Bell and eat like everyone else without people glaring at you or laughing at u , u know? and it does cause humiliation and its very hard to just think everyone's ignorant. face it we look like osama bin laden. i know people who are turban wearing who do not go thier kids schools because their kids get harassedd, for instance i know a man who is sikh- turban wearing- he doesnt go to his daughter's school because once he did his daughter was made fun alot and teased it affected her grades. its very hard and i am surprised more posts are listed on this topic that was started on how to deal being laughed, taunted, and humiliated by wearing the turban? it doesnt seem to no longer be something that causes your head to be lifted up, instead it forces your head down when everyone LAUGHS at you wherever you go!

(REPLY) Sat Nam. Of course no one wants to be laughed at and teased, but the way to cure ignorance it with education. As far as school is concerned, one way to solve this problem that has been done successfully in many places is for the parents to contact the principal of the school and arrange for a presentation to explain to all the students the history and meaning of the turban. Educating people about what Sikhs stand for is very much needed. If the parents can't do it, possibly some other Sikh in the community can go and speak to all the students. BTW,what do they have to eat at Taco Bell that is desirable? We Sikhs wear turbans so that we cannot hide our identity. It takes courage and commitment, and it's not always easy, but if you are proud of being a Sikh, and wear your turban with pride and not embarrassment, and smile at those who are laughing, it may make a difference. Another thought: Maybe you could have a little statement printed up and when people are making fun, then hand them a card explaining the turban. I trust you tie a very good looking (not sloppy!) turban? God bless you and Guru give you wisdom and courage. SP

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Turban- How To Deal With Ridicule? (05/02/2005)
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