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Summary of Question:Can't Keep Hair Under Some Unavoidable Circumstances
Date Posted:Wednesday, 1/30/2008 12:55 AM MST

I'm quite impressed by the answers sangat is getting from this incredible site.So i want to ask a ques. too and a clear answer to it -

My son who is 14 yrs. old now, has cerebral palsy since the age of 2.He has been practicing Sikhism as I have been taking care of his hair.Because of his disability he is never going to learn how to wash his hair and manage to tie a turban.Now recently he is getting so frustrated and want to cut his hair and get more independent in taking care of himself. He also feels very uncomfortable when I have to give him hair wash. He says if Guru wanted me to keep Sikhi, he wouldn't have put me all through this.
He supports his arguments saying I'm still a Sikh and I'm not cutting my hair because I hate them but because It's just not possible for me to keep.
His grandfather is very religious person and even he takes his side.
What do you think about it ?
Appreciate you time.


Well, the older he gets, the more entitled he is to making his own decisions. I would talk to him more about the benefits of hair and turbin. There have been many discussion on Sikhnet about it. I would ask him if he would be comfortable with a man or other teen washing his hair and helping him. I also imagine that with his condition, he feels that there is so much in his life that he cannot do, that by cutting his hair, he is gaining some independence. It is an important thing to consider. But, if he understands and accepts the importance of his hair and turbin than he would be more willing to sacrifice that freedom in that area. If he doesn't feel the importance of his hair than there is no reason for him to keep it, really. I would have an open discussins with him first. See what he says. Blessings, JJK

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Can't Keep Hair Under Some Unavoidable Circumstances (01/30/2008)
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