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Date Posted:Monday, 1/18/2010 8:46 AM MST

WAHE GURU JI KA KHALSA WAHEGURU JI KI FATEH!!!! SSA i wanted to start doing sukhmani sahibs path for 40 days and i woke up about 4.30 am and took shower by the time i got started with my prayer it was 5.30 is that still considered amrit vela or did i pass it do i need to start it during amrit vela and finish it before amrit vela ends pleasee let me know how to do it the right way thank you so much!!!!


Sat Nam,

Officially Amrit Vela is considered 2 or 2.5 hours before the sunrise. So it could be different time of the morning depending on the season. However, when doing a long term Sadhana it is best to get up at the same time every day to help your body get used to the regime and not be confused.
Our Sadhana starts with Japji at 3:40am ends at 6am moving on into Gurdwara until 7am. By that time the sun is already up. So as long as we start in the Amrit Vela we consider it to be OK.
One more thing to consider is that it is best to do your meditations every day even if you are unable to get up regularly in the Amrit Vela. It is more important to have a consistent practice than skip a day if you did not wake up on time. It may not happen every day the same way, it is important to forgive yourself and just try to be better the next time, but never blame if it does not happen perfectly.
I hope this helps.

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