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Summary of Question:Problem In Getting Married
Category:General Sikhism
Date Posted:Wednesday, 11/17/2010 8:39 PM MST

Sat sri akal ji.

I'm a sikh gal i have few questions hope you could help me out.

1. Can we do path by sitting on the chair, coz being working woman i have no time so will do it at my working place but i cover my head and don't wear selipar while doing it.

2. Is there any paths to open the sanjog coz i'm in mid 30's everytime i see a guy it will reject. My parents are really worried about me. People said my sanjog is tied up. Wat can i do ? How do i open the sanjug. Is it bad karma.

3. Do we need to be vegetarian for doing any path like for 40 days.

4. Can we do path at 12 clock midnight "Sukhamani Sahib". Is it necessary to wash the hair everytime when do the path besides taking shower specially for this path.

5. Can we follow the kirtan in the car without covering our head & wearing selipars. Is it also call gurbani which we have to cover over head?

Besides this i'm a vegetarian for certain days. Yah I do path everyday but only sukhmani sahib in the morning. But untill now my problem is not solved. My brother always say you do path also god don't wana help u. While all my friends don't do path already get married with kids. My ages is catching up as i'm not beautiful as other gals.

Can you please help me out?


Sikh gal

<<<<< REPLY >>>>>

Bhen Ji - Sat Siri Akal! You cannot make deals with God and Guru. When you do paath it is for you... for your own infinite self and your own peace of mind and heart. Being caught up in the duality of good/bad right/wrong will only serve to make you unhappy. With all respect to your brother "god don't wana help u." makes no sense at all to me. God is not someone outside you who you can please or placate. God lives in your own heart and in your own breath at every moment.

You can do paath sitting on a chair. If your hairs are clean, no need to wash them every time you do Sukhmani Sahib da paath. Why cover your head? Why take off your shoes? To set yourself in your own deeply devotional state of mind, because in humility, you can surrender to the Guru and have the real inner experience of the power of the shabd. Why be vegetarian? Because you know within yourself that it is what you need to do for yourself. It is not for convention or to look right to others, or to God and Guru, or because someone else told you that it is the "right" thing to do. That is nonsense. It is to be set in your own relationship to your self and to your Guru. It is only between you and your Guru. That is the most personal, intimate relationship you will ever have in your life.

Hairs one day and no hairs the next; vegetarian one day and meat the next; no steadiness and no awareness of yourself? How has this helped you so far?

Meditating on and singing the shabad 'Mangal Saaj Bhaiaa' will bring your husband to you.

Chanting the slok that begins the 17th verse of Sukhmani Sahib, "Aaad Such, Jugaad Such, Heybhay Such, Nanak Hosee Bhay Such" will break through blockages and obstacles in your life and create a smooth flow. Chant it out loud for 3-11 minutes.

In the Name of the Guru, the Light of Every Sikh, and the Holy Naam which holds the world.

humbly, .....G

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Problem In Getting Married (11/17/2010)
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