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Summary of Question:Corruption In Gurudwaras.
Category:General Q's from Non-Sikhs
Date Posted:Thursday, 4/08/2010 12:40 AM MDT

Sat Shri Akal.

i wanna ask about the corruption in gurudwaras by Granthis & Pardhans ?
Today there is a big profit in gurudwaras . BUT this is used only for RE-implementation of gurudwaras and langar sacheme.Where Pardhans & Garanthis use public money for their pursonal purposes illegally.We can build a lot of schemes for public welfare with this money.


Sat Nam,
We can't really be commenting on corruption. It is something that has been present though out all ages and you maybe wasting your time trying to run around and fix everything.
Sometimes the only thing you can do is perhaps build another Gurdwara and run it differently. Teach future generations by your own example and inspire people to live honestly.
Engaging in trying to uncover all the negativity will only drag you into it deeper. It is best to concentrate on positive aspects of our lives and do better every time we can so the future will ultimately change for the best.


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Corruption In Gurudwaras. (04/08/2010)
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