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Summary of Question:Husband Not Giving Adequate Love And Respect
Category:Love & Marriage
Date Posted:Wednesday, 11/04/2009 1:45 AM MST

I have been married for the last 10 months and have seen many ups and downs in my married life. There have been many quarrels on petty things and it has mostly gone to the extent of abusing each other and calling off the relationship. After a lot of emotional crisis( crying and shouting and not eating food mostly from my side),we end up going to sleep very late when our bodies cannot bear the brunt of holding on any longer.

There has been no effort from my husband to resolve issues. On the contrary, he holds me responsible of disturbiung his studies. He never comforts me when I am crying instead he watches TV when I am crying and says that it is very easy to cry.

I support him financially since he is studying but he never appreciates that. On the contrary, if ever I say in a fit of rage that I am supporting all the finances, he gets bogged up.

Last but not the least, he rarely speaks to my parents but expects me to speak to his parents regularly. I have tried to tell him this many times but he doesn't bother to understand.

I feel terrible. I feel very unimportant in his life though my life revolves around him and I have made every effort to make the marriage work.

Please advise.


Sat Nam,
All of the issues you are describing may be very common in any relationship. However, we are not in any position to fix or advise you on your marriage. You may want to consult a professional and see if they help you get clear communication established between the two of you.
Meanwhile I recommend that you recite Sopurkhs for your husband 11 times a day.
Marriages are very complex and one e-mail could not solve all the little things that come up between you even if we were equipped to help you with them.


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Husband Not Giving Adequate Love And Respect (11/04/2009)
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