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Summary of Question:Why Do We Close Our Eyes When We Meditate
Date Posted:Wednesday, 10/28/2009 6:50 AM MDT

Sat Sri Akaal,

I want to know why we close our eyes when we meditate. Some say because i have to focus on God but God is all round.


Sat Nam,
Our eyes/vision take about 60% of our energy. When doing yoga and meditating we move a lot of energy. It helps tremendously to concentrate inwardly on our process if we conserve and consolidate that energy with our eyes closed. It also makes you a lot more susceptible to distractions if your eyes are open and your meditation not so deep.

It is best to keep your eyes closed slightly rolled up to the center, between and just above your eyebrows concentrating on your third eye. You can also keep your eyes only one tenth open looking through at the tip of your nose. Your eyes are just slightly open but that position helps to stimulate your optic nerve and your pituitary gland which is the center of your intuition. These two positions of the eyes are the most common but in some meditations you maybe able to keep your eyes open or it may not be specified so it is up to you what to do.


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Why Do We Close Our Eyes When We Meditate (10/28/2009)
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