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Summary of Question:Racism
Date Posted:Thursday, 3/25/2010 9:25 AM MDT

Dear Sir/Madam,

Satnam! Recently when I was in the post office, one white man & lady looking at me were commenting about India being a ally of Pakistan & Afghanistan, they were gesturing their hands in a temperamental way and were making further comments looking angrily at me when I was sealing the mail box on the desk. In my mind, I was thinking how politically illiterate these people really are about world politics being in a advanced and rich country. India is facing so many problems of her own to be an ally of the countries. When I stood in line for mailing my box which earlier I was sealing the man walked upto me and asked me to step aside and to allow other white people who were behind me to go ahead of me though I was standing in front of all these people. I didnt' budge and pretended I didn't understand English. This episode has left a dent in my soul. This is not the first time I have faced such atrocious treatment & comments from people here who look educated and literate but still I have maintained my peace within becoz I come from India where tolerance holds more ground than this kind of people bashing.



Sat Nam,
It seems like you have the right idea. When people are that ignorant to display ungraceful gestures you shouldn't even get hurt. Of course it is easy to say and it hurts us when we see things like that happen. Look at it this way, every time you wear a turban and go out there and face the world you are not only declaring your own strength but you are educating everyone about who you are and you are teaching to be more tolerant. Even if you don't see the results the same day, or if you never see the results of what you do please remember that it is all in Guru's grace and trust that everything will work out for the better and the world will become a better place one little day at a time.


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Racism (03/25/2010)
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