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Summary of Question:Regarding Meat Eating...
Category:Sikh Practices
Date Posted:Sunday, 11/01/2009 9:12 PM MST

The guru granth sahib never ever says that meat eating is condemned, only hallal meat. I read and translated the Guru Granth Sahib with 5 older gursikhs over the summer as a hobby and many of my questions were answered, which was not in one area of path ever does it say you cannot eat meat. Also, another question to consider is, when Guru Gobind Singh was with the Khalsa army taking refuge in jungles for days, weeks, even months, do you honestly believe, ask yourself, that the entire army survived off of fruit and leaves only???? Once again, I read myself, the entire Guru Granth and not in one place does it say meat eating is not allowed, only ritualistic killing of animals or hallal meat.

Sat Nam,
Unfortunately I don't know the whole Siri Guru Granth inside out to tell you exact information regarding meat. Here is a link with a lecture from Yogi Bhajan called "Food and your mental attitude". The lecture is on the left hand side. He talks about meat in there. See if any of this information can be helpful to you.

Nothing is absolute in this life time. No one can tell you how to live and you don't have to answer to anyone for any choices you make but to yourself and your own consciousness. From what I understand in life is that there is no need to be a fanatic of anything. It is good to ask questions and do things based on your own experience. It helps however to educate yourself on all different sides of the issue and make educated decisions as well as know your own self and what works for you personally.

Any spiritual guidelines we are given are just that guidelines. It is up to you to decide what part of this spiritual technology you are going to use. We hope you are going to use as much of it as possible but who are we to tell you what to do?

Having faith in something helps. If some spiritual teachings have been put together from the process of trial and error or meditation of thousands of years chances are you don't have the time to check it all out for yourself and prove them wrong. When we chose what part of the technology to apply to our lives we first try it and see if we have a positive experience with it. If we have tried enough and developed a solid trust in the teachings we can incorporate a lot more things by just trusting that they must be true. No need to be a blind follower but it is nice sometimes not to waste a whole life time figuring out what is right and what is wrong when a whole lot of other people have done that already.

I suggest you study all about meat eating and nutritional qualities. Look into studies done about meat. Find out why other vegetarians, who are not Sikhs, chose not to eat meat. ... etc. And if at the end of your research you will figure out that eating meat is the best thing for you then do what you want with it. It is your life. I on the other hand decided not to eat it and I am quite happy with that choice in my life.


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Regarding Meat Eating... (11/01/2009)
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