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Summary of Question:The Karma Of Theft
Category:Sikh Practices
Date Posted:Wednesday, 6/09/2010 8:49 PM MDT

Satnaam Waheguru,

I have a question I am seeking an answer for from you, please be kind and shed light on this.

What is the karma of theft? How does God punish people who steal others' property?

If you steal from somewhere and then later return to that person twice as much, would God forgive the person for having taken it the first time without asking?

Thank you,


Sat Nam,

There is no way to truly know the laws of karma. Some of the best thieves are the best meditators as well so how do you judge them ?
I heard an interesting story. Don't remember who the Guru was but there were two thieves who stole his shoes when he left it in front of the Gurdwara. The two people who stole it were in charge of watching over the shoes. They liked the jewels and the beautiful design so they ran away with the shoes. Somewhere on their way they realized what they have done and returned what they have stolen. Never the less they were born as dogs in the next life. So it seems to me that even if you bring something back it does not fully clear you of the karma.
Most people steal at least one thing or another in their life. Even if it is just something little. I suppose there is a difference between doing it consciously or not. May it be clouded judgment, or simple greed, who knows what is expecting any one of us. The only thing we can do sometimes is just move on and make a conscious choice not to do it again.


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The Karma Of Theft (06/09/2010)
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