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Summary of Question:Afew Question About So Purkh
Date Posted:Monday, 11/02/2009 2:29 PM MST

Hi I have afew questions about so purkh that I'd like to ask?

Firstly, I have read/heard that so purkh is good for a woman to recite for her husband. My question is, is that I don't have a husband however I have seen a guy I am interested in a a matrimonal site, and to cut a long story short I'm basically having trouble in communicating with him and I feel it is to do with blockages in my life. Can I recite so purkh to bring this man into my life?

Secondly is it okay to recite so purkh in English?

And lastly I know this may be stupid and this relates on any paath/shabad, but can u lie in bed and
recite shabad whilst listening to it on ur iPhone?

Sat Nam,

You can recite a Shabad any time you want even lying in bed. It maybe better sitting down in a yogic posture, but it is only your intention that really matters. If you can concentrate on what you want to accomplish then do it any way you want. Try to see for yourself if it is better to do with a straight spine... that is what usually recommended.

It is best to recite So Purkhs for a man who is already in your aura, who has committed to you. That is why it would work better if you did it for your husband, brother or your father. When women recite it to meet a man it is more of a general meditation to concentrate on good mail energy to come into your life. I don't think it will work for someone specific who has not committed to you first.

Trouble in communication with someone is usually a red flag that this relationship is not meant to work or not meant to work at this time. Sometimes it can be fixed but then you would have to find a meditation on problems with communication. You have to take into account that if you do a meditation for communication it can only work the right way for you which means if your communication with this person completely breaks down as a result than that is the best thing for you.


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Afew Question About So Purkh (11/02/2009)
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