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Summary of Question:Marriage
Category:Love & Marriage
Date Posted:Monday, 4/05/2010 12:02 PM MDT

sat sri akal

i did not search for the ques i m asking as i wish to have ans to my own ques. it has been trhee long years since i had been searching for my 26 it's really high time for an indian girl.but still i've not found my it god's will or am i not following right strategy in hunting my match.kindly oblidge with ur reply.


Sat Nam,

Please don't think of it as hunting. When you hunt the pray tends to run away. Try to change your thinking and allow things to come into your life. You have to make room for this new person within yourself. Create an image in your mind of allowing yourself to merge with another human being by giving something of yourself and accepting a part of them. This image does not have to be too specific but you may want to write some of the more specific qualities that you want in your partner on paper and categorize them by importance.
When you done making your list do a prayer. One of the fastest working would be doing 2.5 hours of So Purkhs for 40 days. There are others that could work as well. Even doing Dhan Dhan Ram Das Guru for the same amount of time can manifest all you want, but you have to concentrate when you are praying. Make sure to also give yourself a chance to truly prepare to receive him as his is with all his faults and imperfections. Are you ready for that ?

Also, don't forget, sometimes the reason you haven't met your partner yet has nothing to do with you. It could be that he is still not ready yet to meet you. In this case doing So Purkhs for him will help tremendously as it tends to elevate a man. It helps him mature and become everything you want him to be.

Good Luck,


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