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Summary of Question:Any Special Path To Be Done During Pregnancy Apart From Japji,Rehraas And Sohila
Category:Sikh Practices
Date Posted:Wednesday, 2/10/2010 7:30 AM MST

wahe khalsa wahe fateh!

i m regular doing my practice of japji sahib in morning,japji n kirtan sohila in eve.i will be very pleased if i would know that is there any spl path to be done during pregnancy.



Sat Nam,
Yes, there are a few things that are definitely very helpful during pregnancy.
See what resonates with you since it is not always possible to do everything in one day.
Shabads: Puta Mata Kee Asees - for your child to be spiritual and never lose his or her way in this world.
Jamia Poot Bhagat - to bring a saint into the world. Very good to do on your 120th day of pregnancy.
Adi Shakti Namo Namo - good to do through out pregnancy especially if you are having a boy. You may have heard that on the 5th month of pregnancy a male fetus undergoes what is called an acid bath where two hemispheres of his brain lose a considerable amount of connectivity. This causes a man to be less intuitive, less sensitive and in some cases less spiritual person than a woman their whole life. You can help to minimize the effects of this occurrence even though it maybe impossible to fully prevent it. Reciting this Mantra for female or mail child is a great service. It will make them stronger and more secure human beings.

There is also a meditation you can do together with your husband during pregnancy.
Sit together and synchronize your breath. Concentrate on each other until you are breathing in a rhythm together. Mentally vibrate mantra Sat Nam on the inhale and Wahe Guru on the exhale. Do it for at least 11 minutes a day if you can or when ever possible. The child will have a great sense of security from feeling both parents united in this meditation.

Good Luck,

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Any Special Path To Be Done During Pregnancy Apart From Japji,Rehraas And Sohila (02/10/2010)
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