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Summary of Question:Marriage And God
Category:Love & Marriage
Date Posted:Wednesday, 11/04/2009 9:47 PM MST

Hello There,

I have a very serious question to ask. I liked someone and he also liked me, we never had an affair, but, we were going to meet up for marriage - so we gave a marriage promise to each other. I am very religious, before meeting him before parents, i went to the gurduara, and, accepted him as my husband before God, I married him before God.

Does that make him my husband ? Does accepting his promise of marriage, trusting that promise, going before God, offering a prayer with all my heart and mind, accepting him as my husband before God makes him my husband ? Would this be considered as a valid religious marriage - a marriage that took place with heart and mind before God.

Could your please give me a yes or no answer and explanations as you like.



Sat Nam,

There is no doubt that your connection is real and very beautiful, and I am sure that in the eyes of God you are married. Marriage really happens when both your auras merge. It can happen long before the actual religious ceremony.
But you also have to consider that we all live in a practical world.
What will happen to you if your partner was no longer there? All kinds of things happen to people all the time it is not for us to predict the future. Some of these things happen against our best wishes.

It is a moral as well as loving obligation for a man to think of everything and do everything that is possible to protect his wife. And if that means getting legal papers to make sure you and your future children are fully protected then he needs to do it. Getting marriage license would be the most responsible and caring act to reassure each other that you are fully committed in every way till death do you part.

It is nice to enjoy the spiritual experience of it but it is just as nice to keep your feel on the ground at all times.


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Marriage And God (11/04/2009)
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