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Summary of Question:Wrong View Regarding Sikhisim
Category:Sikh History
Date Posted:Wednesday, 9/23/2009 7:27 AM MDT

date: 23/9/09


I was shocked and hurt while reading all these views of muslimbhai.
According to them our religion (hindu or sikhism) are worthless and they are very close to there god as there islam is superior then any one .

please guide me and reply my mail.



Sat Nam,
I don't think you need to ever worry about what other people say. Not in your personal life and not when it has to do with your religion. Don't set yourself up by reading negative things and have that negativity be a part of your life. There are many paths in this life and they all lead to God. No one person on this planet can define which path is better than the rest. If people believe that one path is better for them than the other it may very well be true. What is important for you is to know which path is the best for you. If you feel in your heart that Sikhism is the one that brings you joy and connects you to the divine like nothing else in this world then there is your answer for everything.

When negative opinions effect your mind then connect your mind to your heart and you will know what is truly the right thing. If we worried about what other people say where would we be? They can't change our mind about what is right for us and we can not change their mind about what is right for them so we might as well stop trying to change one another and just live our lives in peace the best we can. We are all God's creatures, there is nothing on this Earth that God does not love.

Have a wonderful day

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Wrong View Regarding Sikhisim (09/23/2009)
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