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Summary of Question:Mismatch Thoughts - Eating Meat
Date Posted:Tuesday, 12/15/2009 6:45 AM MST

1.if u say that meat is not our spiritually prescribed diet than why most of the Gursikhs are seen eating it with great delight and that too with no grudge.


Sat Nam,

Our spiritual path is given to us as a guideline to liberation. No guarantees that even if we do it all right that we will be happily liberated in this life time. However, if you ensure that we do our best then our journey to enlightenment and liberation will become shorter.

Whether someone makes a conscious choice to follow all the rules or not we can not be responsible. In life we can only be responsible for our own choices and actions so we can not always worry of what other people do. Information is given to everyone equally. If you can successfully convince a friend to do the right thing, good for you and him, but we can't count on it.

When Guru Gobind Singh baptized the Khalsa he did not say that everyone will be able to remain pure. And the prophesy that said 960 million we shall be also mentioned that there will be Sikhs who are not Khalsa and Khalsa who are not Sikhs. It will be a Khalsa Spiritual Nation comprised of pure people who chose to live a pure way of life.


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Mismatch Thoughts - Eating Meat (12/15/2009)
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