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Summary of Question:Bad Attitude Towards My Parents.
Date Posted:Wednesday, 12/30/2009 7:55 PM MST

Sat sri akal

I am from bangalore india. I would like to tell you that I am a sinner and not a good person I dont smoke,drink, or do any bad things except having lustful thoughts as my age is 23 however I do have bad attitude problem sometime I respect my parents some time I dont If I speak bad towards my parents after some time I feel why I did that however please tell me what should I do. Before I used to read paths but now I am a sardar but I believe in jesus I think when ever I pray to him my prayers are answered.However I just want to know how to improve my bad attitude toward my parents.Now that I am a sardar I love shabad kirtan I do understand a little bit of kirtan or the path however from past 10 months i have not gone to guru dwara or recited any paths but after some time I realised that I am a sardar so I should follow my sikh ways I have bible as well as Guru granth sahib with me.Everyday I study bible Because jesus says I am the way and the truth and the life no man comes to the father but by me.So I thought that any other religion is not good enough to forgive your sins or to reach heaven. I would also like to inform you that I have done one of the waste thing in my life I have beaten my father and now he has suffered from paralisys but I feel really bad why I have done that however I thought that no one can forgive me but jesus would and in bible also it is mentioned that there is no other god except me so I thought that bible is true.After reading bible I do sing shabads like Lakh kushiyaan padhshaiyaan,Har jiyou nimanya tu maan please tell me what ever I am doing is that correct or wrong do you think my sins can be forgiven and please tell me how to remove the bad attitude.Before I used to recite choupai sahib however now I dont I only read bible but my parents and my younger belive in granth sahib as well as jesus.Please tell what should I do?


Sat Nam,

You are an adult now and it really does not matter what you believe in life. Jesus was not a bad man, if you happen to connect with his spirit it is fine. Most importantly you have to understand that you are not doing anyone a favor by doing your path or going to Gurdwara. Sikh path is about your personal experience.
Stop thinking that your parents owe you something. They did their best raising you and giving you what you needed but you grew up already. Move on, start building your life, provide things for yourself, be your own man. Don't ever raise your hand on people who raised you and sacrificed for you. You don't like what they say or how they live, then move out, get your own pace where you will have no one else to blame for your troubles but yourself.

We all make different choices in life and sometimes they are great and other times not so great but the beauty of being your own man is to be happy no matter what choice you make because it is yours. There is freedom in living he life the way you want even if you make mistakes on the way. Only that will bring you self respect and respect for others.


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Bad Attitude Towards My Parents. (12/30/2009)
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