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Summary of Question:Hair And Stress
Date Posted:Sunday, 1/31/2010 12:03 AM MST

OK first of i want to start by saying this website is reallly really good it helped me so much and helps all punjabis to be better human beings,

so i was on the road to messing up in life until i started learning more about our religion i never had my hair growing up so i never felt guilty when i cut it i always cut my hair until i was 15 then i started growing my hair out because i learned more about our religion and it influenced me i wanted to become a good sikh.

i grew my hair our for 10 months then it got annoying i always had to put it back i always had problems with it but i was commited
then it got hard because noone in my family knew how to tie it in a turban
and it got annoying so i decided to cut it after 10 months i dont know since then i have beeen feeling really guilty because i cut before when i cut my hair i didnt feel this feeling but know for some reason i feel like ive messed up once again because i cut my hair and am confused if i should grow it back out, i dont wanna have to deal with this stress of being confused

do you think i should grow it back out? i want to be a good sikh and live a good sikhi lifestyle please guide me ;/


Sat Nam,
It seems that what you've been doing is a good try.
Sometimes we try and we fail ... even if we try many times. You have to realize that nothing in life is easy. Nothing at all. Whether you are just trying to grow hair, or ware a turban, or have a relationship, or chose to be an adult.. maybe even have your own children. The older we get the harder and harder it gets with every step. The good thing we get a lot stronger.

There are things in life that help, like surrounding yourself with people who think the way you do. It is all in the choices you make in life and take responsibility for them. Perhaps you can surround yourself with friends who don't cut their hair and ware turbans, and that may help. Or going once a week to the Gurdwara may help... etc. You have to figure it out for yourself. No one can tell you what to do. Your entire life is up to you. We were given the Sikh teachings as a guideline and even though we may think they are really great it still takes a lot of courage to get up in the morning and say today is another day to put on a turban. Today is another day I will not cut my hair and deal with it no matter what.
It is an endless journey, one step at a time. And sometimes we get negative or lose faith or get frustrated but we still chose to go with it and that what being a Sikh really is. It is that courage that we find within ourselves every single day and every single moment to just be ourselves and live our truth no matter what.
If you find that you may not be ready yet or you need more time to figure it out, or more information about the path to help you feel strong on it, there is no problem with that. Take your time, figure it out the best you can and do the best you can at any given moment without any blame or guilt.
Mistakes there will be many, it takes courage to move on from them, forgive yourself and enjoy your life on the way, and live your truth what ever that may be.

Good Luck,

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Hair And Stress (01/31/2010)
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