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Summary of Question:Sin
Category:Love & Marriage
Date Posted:Thursday, 4/22/2010 11:30 PM MDT

I have committed a sin.I am married and I had sex with my colleague 3-4 times. I feel guilty all the time. Will Vaheguruji forgive me? What should I do? I am doing simran as much as i can. I love my husband.I have promised Vaheguruji that i will not repeat it again. Is there any specific path that i should do?All I want is forgiveness from vaheguruji.Will I go to hell?I cry a lot.Please help me to get out of this situation. I love vaheguruji and I do not want god to hate me.What can I do to make vaheguruji happy? Please help.


Sat Nam,

What can you do to make Wahe Guru Ji happy ?? Only what makes you happy.
Cheating never made anyone happy no matter what the circumstances were. The infatuation lasts for a while but guilt lasts for a life time.
If stopping the affair will make you happier, do that, but I have a feeling it will not be enough.
When one partner in a relationship cheats the other one always feel it. Women usually know for sure that their husband is cheating. Men, however, will feel it in their psyche more. This can create so called "cracks" in their psyche and they can get angry, depressed, disoriented in their life or just very unhappy without knowing exactly why this is happening to them. When you cheat you take much needed energy that they usually get from you to live a very full life. Regardless of whether they know of what is going on they will feel that you are not supporting them enough and that will create lots and lots of problems in your relationship in the long run.
No matter what path you do do clear yourself of this make sure you do something for your husband. Pray for him to be whole and happy. Try doing So Purkhs or something else that will be uplifting for him.

Good Luck,

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Sin (04/22/2010)
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