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Summary of Question:Regarding The Way Sikhs Are Presented In Movies These Days
Date Posted:Monday, 11/30/2009 5:29 AM MST

wjk wjf,

i am a sikh living in india. i live at a place where hardly any sikh exist..... so ppl do not know us.... its wid many places.... and those outside india god only knws..... i m very much woried about the way the producers are showcasing sikhs these days.......they are disrupting the image of sikhs in the minds of others... and the worst part is no one is coming ahead to revolt against or boycott such movies.... if we consider one of the upcoming movies "ROCKET SINGH" the actor acting under the so called style has presented sikhs to be a clown....
wjk wjf


Sat Nam,

Through out history every nation, religion or way of life has been criticized, made fun of, portrayed in some unpleasant way etc. There is nothing new about it. The concept is just as old as the world. One thing is for sure, if the people who are being made fun of do not react the jokes are not so funny after a while. On the other hand if you start making a big deal out of it then some may think that you are trying to protect your insecurity .... and maybe there is some truth to the joke.
The only thing we can really do to create a positive image of Sikhs and Sikhism is through our service. If we are known for excellence of our service to humanity no joke would be able to stick. If you say where you live people don't really know Sikhs you can start by doing something that may bring a great reputation to us.
Here in US we deal with this issue quite a bit. We all realise that we need to be known for our service so we open yoga studios and Gurdwaras to teach people the beautiful technology of Kundalini Yoga and Sikhism. This is our way to spread our teachings and help the rest of the world to have healthier, happier and holier lives.
Perhaps you should consider becoming a Kundalini Yoga teacher and help us spread the knowledge and be known for it through out the world.


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Regarding The Way Sikhs Are Presented In Movies These Days (11/30/2009)
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