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Summary of Question:Broke Reht Maryada
Category:Sikh Practices
Date Posted:Friday, 3/26/2010 12:22 AM MDT

Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa

Waheguru Ji ki Fateh

Me and my wife have been married close to 11 year and have taken Amrit few years back , Intially we followed the Rehat Marayada - Doing Paat , Not taking Meat , Not doing Adultry Act, Not Taking Alchohol.. But Later our chancal mann got diverted and we commited all these sins the paats we used to do become irregular , we took alhochol , Adulty ; thinking about others( But By Grace of Babaji we never over do this sin physically , it was only thoughts ) , Ate Meat ..But now every since By Waheguru Ji's Grace my wife started doing paat again daily as she was wanted us to Change our lives back to Babaji .. we realised that our Lives were going into Narak so by His Blessing we changed the gears back to Divine Path.. I also lost intrest on those wordly pleassure and started getting diverted to God .. We myself and my wife wife started doing Nitnem and also stopped commiting any of those mistakes that we did before .It is a great feeling and we are Thanking Babaji for lifting us back ..before it was too late ... It close to to 2 months that we have been following the right path to God by Grace of Waheguru Ji .. I am now planning to Retake the Amrit along with my wife .. I am not sure if we have to retake the Amrit from fresh .. Also I am not sure if we need to wait for some period of time before we take the Amrit Again ..Do we tell Panj Piyare all the sins that we did ..or We my wife and I can go to Gurudwara in front of Babaji ask for forgiveness and put back all the 5 kakars as we do not have it on our body ..Pls advice..

Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa
Waheguru Ji ki Fateh


Sat Nam,
It is best not to jump into taking Amrit again.
Don't make a new commitment because you already did it once. Live as an Amridhari Sikhs for a while then confirm your commitment by retaking it.
It is up to you if you want to tell the panj what you did or did not do. Ultimately it is up to you to make peace within yourself and with the Guru. You can do it in your own way on your own time. This is just one suggestion: Do some path together for 1000 days as a couple then when you are doing go and take Amrit again. Don't just run to take it every time you had bad thoughts. Every one has bad thoughts every once in a while it does not make it wrong. As for the other things like Alcohol and Meat ... they are more serious. Make sure for a while that they will not come back into your life before deciding to take your vows again.


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Broke Reht Maryada (03/26/2010)
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