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Summary of Question:Nitnem
Category:Sikh Practices
Date Posted:Wednesday, 2/10/2010 11:54 PM MST


I often go to bed around 1am. I finsh studying around 12 am, then take a shower and then start my path. The reason for this is that I often stay up late into the night studying, and get more sleep usually this way. My though is why not enjoy my panth during Amirtvela time that our gurus have told us to do our nitnam. Some days though it feels as I should get just get up and do my panth not just before I do to bed. When I do panth in the morning I feel better then the night. Yet if I do panth during the night and simran for a couple of minutes in the morning I feel the somewhat the same as I did my panth during the day. I was wondering if what I am doing is okay. I do know that kirtan sohila is a bedtime pray not nitnem.


Sat Nam,
Of Course doing something is better than nothing at all. Out Gurus have given us the best way possible to do our path. The Amrit Vela is the best time to meditate. We all strive to do it right to get the best possible advantage.
Yes, it sometimes feels just OK to do it at other times, and if that is the only thing you can do at the time then it is better than nothing. However, if you can do it, try to keep a consistent Amrit Vela practice and you will see, after a while, how different it is from any other time of day. Everything is based on our personal experience. It seems that you may need to give yourself just that to find out.

Good Luck,

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Nitnem (02/10/2010)
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