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Summary of Question:Marriage To Another Race
Category:Love & Marriage
Date Posted:Sunday, 12/13/2009 7:58 PM MST

Hi! My question for you guys is this: I was born in America and I come from Indian Sikh descent. I know for a fact that I will marry a Sikh boy, my only concern is that growing up in the US makes it difficult to stick to one race. I don't want to marry a Sikh boy. I would like to keep my options open. Is this ok, and why do Sikhs rarely have interracial marriages? So many others have it, and marriage is all about love.


Sat Nam,

No, marriage to another race should not really be a problem. The real problem can arise in the differences of a spiritual path in life. Both partners in marriage should understand what they are getting into and have a very good picture of what is important to the other person and how much ... as well as to be extremely respectful and in most cases very flexible on how to resolve the differences. It helps if one of the people converts for many different reasons like if you want to raise your children in one faith or if one person's path is a lot stronger than the others.
It could be a very delicate situation and should be approached with maturity. It will make you evaluate how important it is for you to be a Sikh, to follow all details of your path.
Some people find that they can raise children with knowledge of traditions of both religions but it often means neither one of the parents is very strict in their own spiritual practice.
Everything is possible if you want to make it work, but you have to understand all sides of the situation and think it through very carefully before you commit to that kind of relationship.


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Marriage To Another Race (12/13/2009)
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