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Summary of Question:Anand Karaj: Does A Man Have To Walk In Front Of The Woman During The Marriage?
Category:Love & Marriage
Date Posted:Monday, 3/07/2011 6:48 PM MST

Hello, my name is Amanpreet Kaur, and I am 17 years old. I was raised in America, a country which supports the equal rights of men and women, much like the religion of Sikhism. My question is concerning the Anand Karaj. Is it necessary for the man to walk in front of the woman during the 4 laavas of the Anand Karaj? Is it not possible for the bride and groom to walk alongside one another? Does it say anywhere specifically in the Shri Guru Granth Sahib that a man MUST walk in front of the woman? If the 4 laavas of the Anand Karaj talk about the equality of the man and woman in a marriage, then would it not make sense for the two to walk literally alongside on another into their married life? If you could please answer my question with as much detail as possible, I would be very appreciative.


Relax. You are NOT equal. You as a woman are much stronger than a man. And because you are stronger and more powerful in your prayer & tenacity you must give the man the boost and walk behind him. Think of this as you are moving him forward. And thank God that he is out front taking the heat and protecting you and your grace and your future children. You will need his worldliness and outer strength to cover you.. The Anand Karaj is a very sohisticated amalgamation of two bodies into one soul. When you surrender to your power and grace and do not look to confront your man but be in quiet support and subtle guidance you will win. The macho sex crazed women seeking equality to debauch then selves with so called "freedoms' are not women.....SK.

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Anand Karaj: Does A Man Have To Walk In Front Of The Woman During The Marriage? (03/07/2011)
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