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If Sikhi Believes In Equality.... (01/13/2003)
Past Life Of Gurus? (01/22/2003)
How Did Sri Guru Harkrishan Die Of Small Pocks? (03/30/2003)
Why Gurgaddi Stayed In The Family After 4Th Guru? (04/01/2003)
Guru Nanak Dev Ji Hindu Or Muslim? (04/02/2003)
Paat In Poem Form (12/19/2003)
Guru Gobind Singh Ji,For Guru Purab (12/31/2003)
Sacrifices (02/02/2004)
Re: Why Sri Grath Sahib Ji At Various Places Asks Us To Do Nam Simran Detaching (05/06/2004)
Who Was Nanak Referring To As Our Guru? (05/17/2004)
Gurus Contradicting Each Other (12/28/2004)
Sikh Guru's And Their Family Background (03/05/2005)
10Th Guru Queries (04/18/2005)
The 10 Gurus (05/28/2005)
Guru Nanak As One Creator (02/09/2006)
Is Guru Granth Sahib Ji The 11Th Guru? (05/12/2006)
I Am Writing My Experience Of Shabd (05/19/2006)
Who Is More Respect Worthy----Guru Or God? (12/31/2006)
Re Guru Or God (01/03/2007)
Caste (02/23/2007)
Guru Nanak Sahib Ji And The Other Nine Guru's Were Not A Hindu (03/25/2007)
What Happens If A Sikh Man Has A Baby With A Muslim Women?They Love Each Other (04/09/2007)
How To Come God (04/11/2007)
Did The Sikh Gurus Eat Meat?????????????? (04/20/2007)
Blessings (09/06/2007)
Guru's Descendants (01/27/2008)
Guru Gobind Singh And The Line Of Gurus (04/17/2008)
So What Are The Decendents Of The Gurus Doing Now (04/28/2008)
Gurus Having Magical Powers (01/03/2010)
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