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Summary of Question:Can't Control My Mind
Date Posted:Friday, 2/22/2008 1:44 AM MST


i wana to tell u that i had a bad habbit ,just go to club and play gambling.i can't control my mind/heart.everyweek i lost a lot of of my friend tell me to do a jaap of "waheguru" when u just feel like to club but it does not work ,now i start doing path of "shri rehrass sahib"
i m in a big trouble,can u help me,how to get rid of this problem
waheguru ji ka khalsa
waheguru ji ki fateh

<<<<< REPLY >>>>>

First of all, calm down.

Look at yourself in the mirror... Not just for a few seconds.... Pay attention.

Look into your own eyes.

What do you see?

Now look down at that kara on your wrist... See?

This situation is not on your shoulders. You must place it at Guru Ji's feet and let Him deal with it. You have no power. You are not a victim here. You must create a space for Guru Ji's blessing. Without that space there is no grace and he cannot bless you. Sing "Dhan Dhan Ram Das Guru" shabad 31 minutes/day.

Let yourself be blessed.

Calm your breath. Control your breath and you control your mind. Practice 4 breaths per minute, then go to two, then go to one breath per minute. (Inhale - hold - exhale in equal portions.) Keep up. Be steady.

Drop your emotions and commotions at Guru's feet and leave them there.


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