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Summary of Question:how to do meditation
Date Posted:Thursday, 6/17/1999 4:15 PM MDT

i would like to know how to "meditate on god" what position do you have to sit in what enviroment should you be in etc.


Opinions on your question may differ.

However, if we are to go strictly by what Guru Granth Sahib says, then two things are very clear:

1. "Oothat bethat sowat jagat, eh mun tujhe chitare." Our Guru teaches us to remember God in any 'position' to use your word. We are taught to remember God with every breath.

2. We are also taught to do prayers (different from remembering) in a mode of "Sawdhaan Ikagar Cheet". That is: In a manner where we can concentrate on what we are reading or saying. Some people need a quite place. Some have learnt to ignore outside environmental distractions, and concentrate on the Paath, whereever they are. Be careful while driving though. Or while using any machinery. In such situations you do want to pay attention to what you are doing. And it may not be possible to concentrate on two things at the same time.


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how to do meditation (06/17/1999)
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