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Summary of Question:Can a Punjabi Sikh get married to a Punjabi Brahmin?
Category:Love & Marriage
Date Posted:Tuesday, 10/12/1999 9:30 AM MDT


Sikhism doesn't believe in the limitations and shackles of caste. When it comes to faith, you need to ensure that your partner has a belief system that they are diligent in observing and that they respect your belief system. There are no rules that the partners of Sikhs have to convert to Sikhism or change their names. If they decide to take Amrit though, then they will usually be given a Khalsa name.


I juat want to know about this marrieage and love. I'm a punjabi sikh and i have a girlfriend who is a punjabi brahmin. I just want to know that can a punjabi sikh get married to a punjabi brahmin. And are there any rules that have to be followed? Maybe such as my girlfriend have to cenvert to sikh or maybe she have to change her name? Thank You

Amreet Singh

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Can a Punjabi Sikh get married to a Punjabi Brahmin? (10/12/1999)
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