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Summary of Question:Re: WHY DO WE HAVE TO GO TO GURDWARA?
Date Posted:Saturday, 4/17/1999 3:06 PM MDT
The main reason why we go to gurdwara is to be with the Guru. Gurdwara literally means the gate of the Guru so by going to the gurdwara we enter Guru's gate and into Guru's court. It is important that we regularly bow before something that is greater than us, which has the capacity to balance and stabilize the running of our minds and emotions. Guru is not a book but shabd which is the power of the vibratory frequency that brings the consciousness to a state of awareness, also commonly called the Word. When we bow before the Guru the consciousness recognizes the power and depth that is before it. Further, when you bow properly, the spinal fluid flows into the brain, stimulated by the vibratory effect of the kirtan. This is conducive to meditation and reflection. When that is combined with the overall vibratory effect of the sangat, the experience is elevating. Sometimes it is very subtle and sometimes it can be most profound. After the hukam prasad is served. It is a combination of carbohydrate, protein, and sugar. This grounds us and brings us back to the world, so to speak, after the elevated experience of the gurdwara. Remember as Sikhs we are ascetics internally, but outwardly we still must face and deal with the real world. Then, we sit together and have langar to celebrate our unity and experience the joy of each other.
Siri Guru Granth Sahib frequently speaks of the power and importance of being in the presence of the sadh sangat. When we go to Gurdwara and are with the congregation, beyond all personalities and individuals, a group conscioiusness is created. The energy of that group, that gathering of the "company of the holy," strengthens each of us individually. When we all sing shabds together, when we all stand for the Ardas, when we all listen to the Hukam, it is much more impactful than if we were doing it all alone. Blessed are those who have the opportunity to attand a Gurdwara! When any conqueror wanted to subdue a people, it prohibited group religious meetings! Never underestimate the power of the Gurdwara experience. (It doesn't even have to be an experience that you like, the very act of your going there and bowing your head to the Guru will benefit you!) Blessings, SP

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