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Summary of Question:Praying for a miracle
Date Posted:Sunday, 8/01/1999 6:38 PM MDT

I wanted to know if praying can help a physical problem go away? I am 23 year old girl with very crooked teeth. When I smile it looks absolutley horrible. I never had braces because my parents are new from india and we couldn't afford them. And now that I am 23 I don't want them. So anyways I have put all my faith in God and have been praying for the last two years that he will one day magically fix them and make them perfect. Every night I ask God to please straighten my teeth with his powers. I hate it when my relatives ask why they never got braces for me because it makes both my parents and me feel bad. Every time I go to a Gudawara I kneel down and pray for God to magically fix them. Is it possible that this will ever happen? I have even told him I would give $500 to the local gudawara if he would fix them. Is there something else I should offer. Have i been wasting my time or is their a chance that he will do this for me.

Miracles can happen, but I won't keep on waiting for that time. God has given us a body and our mental faculties to help us make decisions and change our lives. Nowhere in Gurubani does it say that you should wait for miracles. Your destiny is in your own hands! So take charge and feel the responsibility for your actions or inaction. You are a 23 year old woman. Don't ask for miracles when you can fix the problem so easily yourself.

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Praying for a miracle (08/01/1999)
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