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Summary of Question:Music
Date Posted:Monday, 11/20/2000 4:30 PM MST


Do we have to listen to kirtan? I listen to hard core rock. There is cussing in it . A lot of cussing. My mom wants me to stop listening to this but i cant. whenever im feeling down i like listening to hard core rock. She says its not music. she says that all they do is scream and talk about killing other people. Well thats true but i still like it. what can i do?

Dear one, greetings to you in the Name of God and Guru.

Sound current is a power. The power of the Guru is in the word of the Guru. This sound has a vibration. This vibration will lift your spirits and make you God conscious.

Negative sound; cursing, hard bass beats, loud penetrating music has a very negative effect on the body and the psyche. You can get addicted to this negative sound and feeling the power of this violent destructive passionate sound.

Your Mom is right. What you can do it to ventilate your feelings through physical activity...take up martial arts, where you can scream and ventilate your feelings as you direct your energy and focus to perfect yourself. This would be excellant for you.

Also, learn to sing and play kirtan. You can engage your power and voice here too while you direct your energy to strengthen your being rather than destroy it.
You do need to take control of yourself

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Music (11/20/2000)
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