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Summary of Question:Re: Hanuman Chalisa Prayer
Category:General Sikhism
Date Posted:Tuesday, 8/02/2011 12:12 AM MDT

This is in relation to Hanuman Chalisa Prayer question asked.

If you started reading this prayer, you will have to continue for your whole life. This prayer has the power to give you what you want, but, it does not consider whether what you want is right/good for you or not, it will give it to you. Once you wish for something not meant for you and you obtain it, sooner or later, your life will become miserable. I speak from experience. Hanuman is a devotee or Lord Vishnu. It is appropriat/right to Pray to Vishnu, Even Sri Guru Granth sahib declares Vishnu/Krishna as God, he will give you what you want in the form of what is best and right for you. Vishnu Sahasranama is a prayer that you could consider instead of Hanuman Chalisa.

Also read atleast one Sukhmani Sahib to protect your assets from the evil/cruel people of this planet earth.

Trust me, I have tried countless prayers and i know how they work.


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Re: Hanuman Chalisa Prayer (08/02/2011)
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