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Summary of Question:What if you haven't been doing nitname lately?
Category:General Sikhism
Date Posted:Saturday, 1/15/2000 6:57 PM MST

Hi I am a 12 year old gursikh. I haven't been doing much nitname lately. Well actually I am not even doing it. I was told by the panj piaray while i was becoming a gursikh that i just had to do 6 malas and rehras and kirtan sohela. i usually just do the malas and kirtan suhela 'cause i have to do homework while rehras is supposed to be, but lately for a few months i have missed that because i am usually late for school and tired at night. Am i still a gursikh? I consider myself one, but people say if i dont always do patt i am not. I think i still am, because God is always in my heart. Please answer my question.

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You are the Guru's Sikh. It is between you and your Guru. No one can come between that intimate and wonderful relationship. Guru has chosen you. No one does everything to perfection, and no patt is absolutely perfect. It is what is in your heart that counts. The Nit Nem is to tune the heart to God at all the times of day. Each bani is tuned to the time of day and the fequency of the psyche, which changes throughout the day. Start doing your Nit Nem again. Don't worry if you do not find time for every bani. Just start again. Start with Japji and Kirtan Sohila since these are the easiest to find the time. If you you have to wake up 15 minutes earlier, then do it. Gradually begin to add the rest of the banis back into your daily practice one at a time till your Nit Nem is complete again.


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What if you haven't been doing nitname lately? (01/15/2000)
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