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Summary of Question:?????????????????
Category:General Sikhism
Date Posted:Saturday, 9/04/1999 1:31 PM MDT

ssa khalsa jee

well i'll turn 22 in nov this year
i am a proud sikh
today some one (non sikh) asked me why do sikh men and women address them self as 'singh's' and kaur's respectively.
i had no answer i felt ashamed of being a sikh
no one till now had ever told me abt this fact
i stay away from my family in such a case i could'nt have asked them abt the same
dear khalsa jee try answering my query

also answer the difference between a sikh singh and other such as rajputs and jats

fatheh jee


Dear Karanji,

The answer to the question of why or what for lies for the most part in History. When Guru Gobind Singh Ji created the Khalsa he stated that from that day on a Khalsa man should have the name of Singh or Lion and that a Khalsa woman should have the name Kaur or Lioness. That is when the practice began. The signifigance of the names was to strengthen our identity as a Khalsa Nation. It also reminds us of the duties a Khalsa man or women has. Defending the weak and the poor. It was given to also let us know that in our society there is no division, all of Khalsa is of one family. Any one of these reasons is as good as the last, sometimes people's opinions differ, but should anyone ever ask you why again, these should suffice as answers. As far as the Rajputs go, I studied Indian History, but I cant remember why they carried that name. The word "Rajput" means son of a prince. The Rajputs were also anti caste system. They stepped away from the caste system in India early because they objected to being catagorized and not being allowed to progress in life. They formed the Rajput society. A society of fierce warriors who had some principles very similar to some of the beliefs of the Sikhs, in as much as they had great courage and they defended the weak. Does this sound somewhat similar to our own history, in the sense that they saw the reality of the caste system and rejected it. They probably chose the name Singh in order to throw off the caste system and declare that all are equal. As far as the Jats go I have no answer for you. As a last thing to remember, a Lion has always regardless of which culture, represented great ideals. Lions are Noble, Courageous, Kings among the wild and have always stood for royalty. You are a son of Guru gobind Singh Ji and he has given you this name. Living up to those principles are part of it. Thank You.

Wahe Guru Ji Ka Khalsa Wahe Guru Ji Ki Fateh

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