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Summary of Question:sikh assimilation
Category:General Sikhism
Date Posted:Thursday, 10/07/1999 10:26 AM MDT

hi. i am a non-sikh female who is taking a class on sikhism at university. right now, we are studying about the sikh diaspora, and the migration of the sikh community. i am in the midst of writing a paper about the sikh youth--and about the experiences of sikh youngsters in modern-day american society. do many sikh youngsters find it difficult to combine their religious traditions and ethnic background with modern-day life in america. i am especially interested in the experiences of young sikh women. how does dating and marriage fit into the sikh tradition in this day and age? for all of you sikh youngsters out their (preferably of college age)--please help me and shed some light onto these topics.

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sikh assimilation (10/07/1999)
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