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Summary of Question:about our hair
Date Posted:Sunday, 5/02/1999 4:13 AM MDT

i have just read that sikh people tie turbans and keep hair so there is minimum energy loss for them.but how did our gurus think about this scientific aspect and ordered us that time not to cut our hair?today most of the people make fun of sikhs just because they tie this turban.they ask us that we are just doing a blind belief by following this?

Sat Nam. Our Gurus had a deep and profound understanding of the universe. They had experienced the God within them, and therefore had access to infinite wisdom. Modern science in some ways is just starting to wake up to some of the Truths that our Guru's taught. (Guru Nanak spoke of "worlds upon worlds' -- remember?) So, they knew how the body functions, they knew about energy and consciousness.
I don't know where you live, but it has not been my experience (and I'm a westerner, where long hair and turbans are in the minority) that "Most people" make fun of Sikhs. Children and ignorant people make fun of anything that seems different, but I have found that we are greeted mostly with respect and honored for our commitment! A turban worn properly is a crown, and if a Sikh wears it with that consciousness, it is doubtful he/she will be made fun of.
There have been many postings on this forum about hair, you might want to look them up so you have some answers if people ask you about keeping hair. Blessings, Sp

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about our hair (05/02/1999)
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