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Summary of Question:What is the Sikh teaching on Reincarnation?
Date Posted:Thursday, 4/08/1999 3:24 PM MDT

I have heard that Hindu's do believe in reincarnation. I was wondering if we do also. One day I stepped on an ant and my puji told me not to do that or I would come back as one in the next life. Is this true?


In answer to your first question, Yes, Guru Granth Sahib has many references to the cycle of life and death.

With regard to the consequence of stepping on an ant, this matter needs some further study. However, your puji does have a point about not killing.

Why would you want to kill a poor little innocent ant who was minding its own business and fulfilling its destiny as an ant?


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What is the Sikh teaching on Reincarnation? (04/08/1999)
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