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Summary of Question:Re: Suicide Bombers
Category:Sikh History
Date Posted:Friday, 11/07/2003 6:36 PM MST

Sat Sri Akal,

I was reading the response to the Suicide Bomber question that was posted a while back. Now if we take away the civilian (if you pay taxes you are not innocent, but thats a different discussion) aspect of it, how about if we use it as a tool to just strike back at the oppressors?

Could you even say that in some abstract way when singhs came out 5 at a time to fight in the battle of chamkaur di garhi that was a sort of suicide attack as well?

Please forgive me for any bhul chuk.

Ek gumiya hoyea insan.

Sat Siri Akaal. People who are in actual combat situations under a commander-in-chief often find themselves assigned to missions that are equal to a suicide mission. This is usually not something that is done by the personal CHOICE and DECISION of the soldier involved and cannot be counted in this discussion. Why people think it is noble to INTENTIONALLY take your life so you can kill a whole lot of other people-- mostly non-combatant-- is really beyond me. It is different to fight as valiantly and well as your training allows and die trying. Or to give your life to SAVE your mission comrades (martyr). Yes, I know there are fine lines, but suicide is not acceptable under universal law.

Suicide bombers and those who intentionally take their lives for ANY reason (e.g., depression) are commiting a crime against their soul and their karma and God. Waheguru put you here for a reason. Your duty as a Sikh is to listen to God & Guru and to learn what He wants you to learn, including living dharma, not your karma. The way to learn this is service and naam simran. Do you see suicide in this equation? Taking your own life is telling God you have a better idea. Guru says (sorry, I do not have the cite handy, but I think it's in Kirtan Sohila) that this physical body is hard to obtain, use it for the purpose for which it was given! Suicide does not fulfill that purpose in any context.

So stop encouraging suicide bombers. There is a heavy karma associated with suicide. I have heard Yogi Bhajan say that those who commit suicide START over the 8.4 million lifetimes. The youths who are suicide bombing in the 'Middle East' are desperate, depressed, and feel they (1) have nothing to live for and (2) are being misguided by people who wrongly quote scripture and would use them for their political agenda. Both the bombers and those who encourage them are developing for themselves very heavy karma.
Guru rakha,

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Re: Suicide Bombers (11/07/2003)
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