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Summary of Question:Life Tension
Date Posted:Wednesday, 10/01/2008 3:59 PM MDT


I am 29 years old, but still i am unsuccessful person. but from last few days i started to do the banies. and i feel relax, and waheguru is with me , from now i know only waheguru can help in world, sir i want good job, i want to know that should i do the sukhmani path for 40 to this wish come true or any other thing can do plz
reply me as soon as posible Thanks

Dear one,

When you are doing Sukhmani Sahib, you are not an unsuccessful person. You are a human being applied to resonate with the recitation of Wahe Guru with all your 30 trillion cells.

Relax, rejoice and recite(jaap) and let all opportunities come to you.

Blessings to you in your Path,


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Life Tension (10/01/2008)
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