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Summary of Question:A QUESTION
Date Posted:Wednesday, 9/01/1999 2:28 AM MDT

hello I have one question...: I have short hair does that make me less of a sikh then those that do not cut there hair? and one more if my hair is short and has been cut befor and I am a good person will I still go to heaven?

thank you for your time.
wahguru ji ka khalsa wahe guru ji ki fhateh

Dear Jasbir,

Whether you go to heaven or not is not dictated by how you look, but by who you are. Do not seperate yourself from God. You have as much God in you as the next person. As to your question regarding your hair : If you go and buy fruit for example and you want to buy an apple, you find an apple as how it looks. They are red and juicy or yellow and juicy, you dont pick up an orange and say hey that must be an apple. There may be other fruit that taste just like an apple and have the same consistency but looks different. Is it an apple? Actually it could be. You yourself have to know what and who you are. If someone else wants to tell you you are not a sikh because you dont look like one, does that mean you have to believe him. You have to stable in your own mind about who and what you are, got me? good! If you are a sikh then practice makes perfect. I hope that this has been helpful to you. Thank you

Wahe Guru Ji Ka Khalsa Wahe Guru Ji Ki Fateh

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