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Summary of Question:WA-HE-GURU
Date Posted:Tuesday, 11/09/1999 1:36 PM MST


I've just started doing the morning banees and I must say it makes your life a whole lot peaceful and relaxed. ok for example..the First day i did the morning prayers...something great (i feel a little selfish) happened. I didnt' like my math teacher very much. And the very first day i did the paaths, the same day the teacher made the announcement that she is leaving and has found another job. I was like OH MY GOODNESS!!! that really shook me..Waheguru is ANTARJAAMI!! I'll never forget that day. There have been many incidents like that where my wish has been granted from Waheguru. Anyway the one reason i wrote this was when you really think about it..EVERY SINGLE TIME YOU SAY're praising him! ok say this slowly WA-HE-GURU..see?????
and every time you get up in the morning and do gur're thanking God for the endless things he has done for you. and that math-teacher-incident-day..i started out my paath with saying Waheguru for about 5 minutes only!
So..i incourage everyone who reads this to try and do nitnem and i promise you that your wishes and everything will be fulfilled! that's all i wanted to say...

the 'happy' one!

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WA-HE-GURU (11/09/1999)
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