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Summary of Question:Hair
Category:General Sikhism
Date Posted:Wednesday, 5/19/1999 3:45 PM MDT

I know there's been great discussion about hair in this forum. So, to continue with it:

What if a person keeps their hair long, but occassionaly trims the ends (i.e. what if their hair is sun damaged, and they just trim it?)

Also, what about hair like eyebrow hair? Does the Guru Granth Sahib say anything about shaping/waxing eyebrows?

1. If hair (Kesh) is kept properly by a Sikh, according to Guru's form and bana, there will never be a problem with sun damaged hair. Hair is worn in the rishi knot, tied over the anterior or posterior fontenelle (2 soft spots at the top of the head), to the front if a man, and to the rear if a woman. This focuses the subtle energy of the psyche and electromagnetic field of the entire body (aura) at the top of the head, and stimulates the opening and exchange of subtle, intuitive energies at the 10th gate (crown). This same subtle, electro-magnetic energy will energize, heal and cause the hair itself to thrive, it will shine with radiance. Overexposure of hair to the sun is abusive. Don't be neglectful to the hair and there will not be any split ends to cut. The Guru's way is complete and perfect. The egoist's way is inferior and filled with problems.

2. Perhaps you should only worry about the eyebrows if they are so-o-o-o bushy that you absolutely cannot see through their bushiness. And I, at least, have never seen such a person. But anyone can see millions of dollars being bought and sold, and fortunes being made by catering to the egoistic pursuit of glamor instead of real beauty. What is going on behing the eyebrows is far more important that decorating the face to be a trap and enticement. Exercise, breathe powerfully, circulate your blood, become radiantly, naturally beautiful and magnetically attractive by the power of your soul, heart and mind. These other games are nothing but ego and insecurity. God made your eyebrows too. Let Him make your day without worrying about the opinions of others, whether they think you're pretty or not. Just be beautiful and don't stop. That is called Cherdi Kala and keeping up. Otherwise, seduction games are a downfall.

This answer may or may not please you, but the Guru's way is the best way.

Krishna SIngh Khalsa

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Hair (05/19/1999)
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