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Summary of Question:Conversion To Sikhism
Category:Sikh Practices
Date Posted:Saturday, 12/25/1999 7:37 AM MST

Could someone please tell me the general steps to embracing sikhism?

I would also appreciate it if somebody could give me some spiritual practice that I could practice in my home, such as mantra?
Thank you:)

Dear One, sorry for the delay. I think you need to find other Sikhs to help you with this. Sangat (fellow Sikhs or congregation) is a VERY important part of the Sikh faith, and so start this way.

I don't know where you live. Look for a Sikh gurdwara in your area by going to and then click on "Gurdwaras" on the left. Look for a gurdwara in your area/state/country. Please let us know if you CANNOT find one, but you will also have to indicate WHERE you live.

For more information on Sikh faith, start with this Sikhnet web site, or go to to see 500+ Web sites on Sikh faith.

God bless you to find your path!

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Conversion To Sikhism (12/25/1999)
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