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Summary of Question:Guru Gobind Singh And The Line Of Gurus
Category:The Sikh Gurus
Date Posted:Thursday, 4/17/2008 7:38 PM MDT

Why did Guru Gobind Singh Ji end the line of Gurus and name the Adi Granth as his successor when he died?

Sat nam. Guru of all 10 Gurus and all Sikhs is SHABD Guru, not a person. Guru Nanak made this clear in his Sidh Gosht bani, and all the gurus after him understood this. Shabd Guru is The WORD. 10th Master understood that everything Gursikhs needed could be understood by turning to Gurbani, rather than to a person. Moreover, it removes the politics of personality out of the Guruship, and removed the person-Guru from the political targeting of emperors and presidents.
Guru ang sang,

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Guru Gobind Singh And The Line Of Gurus (04/17/2008)
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