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Summary of Question:Equality Among Men And Women
Category:General Sikhism
Date Posted:Tuesday, 11/02/1999 7:19 PM MDT

If men and women are equal in our religion, why do they sit apart in Gurdwara?

Sat Siri Akaal Ji.

Sitting on either side of Siri Guru does not indicate that men or women are greater or lesser than the other.

Seating in Gurdwara is designed to balance the polarity of the sexes: men are seated on the left side (facing the Guru), and women on the right side. The Guru, of course, sits in the center, to balance this polarity. While it is best for young children to be given the opportunity to experience this polarity and role-modeling, it is not mandatory. Infants and young children, regardless of sex, will often be seated with their mothers or fathers. As the children grow, they should be encouraged to sit on the appropriate side.

Guru rakha,

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Equality Among Men And Women (11/02/1999)
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