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Summary of Question:Infusion Of Consiousness Into Guru
Category:The Sikh Gurus
Date Posted:Thursday, 10/12/2000 9:29 AM MDT

How does a Guru infuse his consiousness into another Guru? Is this done through God?

Look forward to your answer.


The light of the Guru can be passed from soul to soul. When you read from the Siri Guru Granth Sahib you can be filled with the lght of the Guru. When Guru fills you with His light, you can share this light of joy and fulfillment with others.
Look at Jap Ji Sahib. You climb the ladder of the 38 steps or Pauri's. Then you get to the end and relize how high and illumined you have become. Guru Nanak says on the top rung of the ladder, conclusion of Jap Ji Sahib...."Jinee Naam dhiaa-aa, gaya masakat galaa. Nanak te mukh ujale, ketee chutee Naal."

"Those who have meditated upon the name.....after putting in their efforts, shinig are their faces, and they save many others"

Try it!!!!!!!!!!!

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Infusion Of Consiousness Into Guru (10/12/2000)
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