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Summary of Question:Re: Dharam Raj
Date Posted:Saturday, 5/15/1999 10:45 AM MDT
There are 3 seconds after you die.
In the first second you go through the tunnel to the light.
In the next second, you see your whole life go before you sort of like a movie, but you experience it. This part is very painful if you have not lived your life getting ready for this moment. Here you see all the wasted time and breath of life, where you forgot Wahe Guru and why you went to earth to take a human body.
In the third second you get to a place where you have a choice. To one side is a very cozy place, whatever seems the most cozy to you. To the other side it looks like a very cold, forbidding, snow covered mountain path. That is the path you must choose. If you have meditated and developed your mind and spirit you will have the courage to make right the choice, the cold forbidding way. That will immediately become like heaven. If not, you will get afraid at that moment and choose the cozy place. As soon as you turn toward it, it will become like hell.
The soul takes 17 days to reach the level of the Blue Ethers. In the first 13 days the soul can still be trapped to the earth plane. It is one reason we chant AKAL for the departed souls, so they can be clear that they have to leave the earth. Otherwise, they stay around as ghosts, without a physical body. They are confused and don't understand what happened to them. Many saints and yogis work with these souls on the unseen levels so they may move beyond this earth plane.
The Blue Ethers have 7 levels. The higher the level, the higher the vibration of the souls that are there. As the soul reaches the Blue Ethers, it will go to the level that matches its vibratory level.
What is the vibration of the highest level of the Blue Ethers? Wahe Guru, Sat Nam, Hari, etc. That is why we are told to meditate on and chant these sounds constantly. So we will be vibrating it even when we sleep, and even as we leave the physical realm.
This is what Sikh Dharma is designed for. To get you to this moment as a conscious being who will know what is happening after you leave your body, and have the prescence and courage to go to infinity, and not back toward the unreal Earth. Then you are released from the cycle of reincarnation, and can live in the bliss of pure consciousness, beyond the pains and trials of Earthly life.

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