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Summary of Question:What Occurs When You Exercise Naam Simran?
Date Posted:Sunday, 8/10/2008 2:27 PM MDT

I have done naam simran, and obviously you have experienced to a higher magnitude than Daas. when you engage I feel coolness in the rib cage and a unearthly sensation as if be pulling like a wormhole in your mind and constant beating into it ,until my mind wavers. Can you explain this to me?Sorry, there was a post aboput this but it didnt answer my question.


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Gur Fateh Jio! - I think you mean that you have done Jaap. Jaap is on the physical plane.... i.e. repetition of mantram out loud. Simran is remembrance. It is a silent state in which one remembers Waheguru all the time in everything and sees nothing but Waheguru. The "pulling" you describe is dhyan. Like two magnets getting near each other pulling more strongly as they get closer and closer. Relax and simply let yourself be drawn in. As you use your breath to go deeper and deeper, it actually becomes easier and easier until deep absorbtion (samadhi) takes place.


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What Occurs When You Exercise Naam Simran? (08/10/2008)
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